Short Presentations and Abstracts

The program includes sessions for short presentations and posters. Delegates are invited to submit abstracts of short presentations for consideration by the conference committee

Abstracts will be reviewed by our committee, and if deemed suitable for this conference, will be edited, published online at the website of Animal Production Science and included in a booklet for distribution at the event. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 1 July 2017.

Short presentations will take the form of a 5-minute address using a maximum of four Powerpoint slides, the contents of which should show: Why the study was done (Slide 1), How the study was done (Slide 2), What the results of the study were (Slide 3) and What was concluded from the results (Slide 4). Authors of short presentations are encouraged to bring posters of their presentations, which will be displayed after the short presentation session to facilitate further discussion.

Please note: Unfortunately, we have received submissions in the past from people wishing to use this event as an excuse to obtain a visa to enter the country without intending to attend the event. To prevent this occurrence, overseas delegates are required to register and pay the full registration fee before their abstracts will be considered.



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